Tech Stocks Forecast: Will You Go With Or Against The Flow?


2018 is about to end, and it has been an excellent year for many investors in Tech Street.  Technology stocks performed at its best with almost everyone into social media, gadgets, IOT, and all kinds of devices.  With the technological advancement, will this still be the case in 2019?

Tech Street

Just like Wall Street and Bay Street, Tech Street is a big player in the stock exchange world, only that Tech Street is not an actual site.  But instead, a metaphor referring to the technology sector.  This includes the semiconductors, hardware, software, IT, and internet services. Companies like Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Texas Instrument, IBM, and Microsoft are the companies that made up the Tech Street.


These companies used to just cater to consumers and businesses.  But with the introduction of IOT, it has now expanded its market to cloud computing companies, internet industry, television and home appliance manufacturers, and more.


FANG Stocks

FANG stands for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google, which have skyrocketed its performance in the stock market, and had brought huge returns to their investors in the year 2017.


According to Independent, Kanye West purchased stocks in Disney, Adidas, Apple, Amazon and Netflix, major players in the stock market, as a gift to his wife, Kim Kardashian.   The investment earned her thousands that reached up to 40%. And the most profitable are said to be Netflix and Amazon.


2018, Good Year For Tech Street Still

Continuing its significant performance, tech stocks have continually remained solid.  The business continues to perform very well.  Some companies may not be able to pull off that much as they did the previous year but still doing great.


Other tech stocks that perform well this year according to some analysts besides FANG stocks are:


  1. The Trade Desk.  A small but fast-growing company with an estimated revenue that climbs up to 42% ($102.6 million).


According to Wallet Investor, The Trade Desk is still a good investment long-term.  Your 5-year investment is expected to earn you around +512.83%.  That means your $100 investment could go up to $612.83 in 2023.


  1. Twitter. This social network performed strongly in the first quarter with an increase in revenue of up to 21%, which is a big jump from 2% in the last quarter of 2017.


Twitter can still be a profitable option with revenue expected to get around +214.87% based on the Wallet Investor Forecast System.


  1. Microsoft. As the company shift to a cloud-centric business, its performance rose up to 22%.


According to CNN Business, recommendations from 36 analysts is to buy Microsoft tocks.  They forecast the price to have a median target of 125.40, an estimated high of 160.00, and low estimate up to 75.00.


  1. IBM Corp. CNN Business Stock Price forecast for IBM has a median target of 156.50, a high estimate of 200.00, and low of 125.00.  The median estimate denotes an increase of +33.43% from its last price of 117.29.


Though 22 investment analysts recommend holding stock in IBM, investors are projecting earnings of $4.86 per share as IBM in the coming year.


  1. Shopify.  The Motley Fool says that Shopify investors are very pleased with the company’s strong performance in the market, shoving shares up to 66%.


Shopify’s performance since its initial public offering (IPO) has been outstanding.  This 2018, its revenue is expected to grow by 48.55% ($1 billion).


Will You Put Your Bet At The Same Tech Stocks?


These tech companies may have impressive growth this year as compared to a year before.   But with the advancing technology and the emergence of more savvy tech companies, will it still be wise to buy shares in the coming years.  Will they still give you the worthwhile returns even in the next year to come?


Disclosure:  I am no investment analyst and is not connected to any of the companies I mentioned above.   I wrote this article based on their current performance on the market and expressed my opinions based on my research.  It’s still better to study well the market flow before you decide to go with or against the trend.

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