2015 Georgia Real Estate Statistics Proves Why Buying A House Is A Good Investment

If you are still hesitant to invest in real estate, the 2015 Georgia Real Estate Statistics will show why you should pursue with it.

Statistics On Real Estate

Before buying a house for yourself, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the latest statistics on the status of the real estate. Here are some of the numbers you should keep in mind.


  • The housing market sales increased by 11.4 percent since 2008.
  • Thirty-three percent of the homebuyers in the United States are millennials. Experts predict that millennials will form 20 million news households by 2025.
  • We are living in a digital world. Real estate statistics show that 93 percent of the buyers who are 35 years old and younger search the internet first before seeking guidance from an agent.
  • There is an 80 percent of residential growth in suburban communities.
  • The mortgage rates in the United States rose by 4.4 percent in 2017 from the year 2016.
  • Research also reports that houses which post aerial shots sell faster by 68 percent than those who only have standard photographs on the site.

Why Buying A House Is A Good Investment

There are several reasons why buying a house is a good investment. First, real estate prices are currently on the rise. Buying one will enable you to own your investment for a lesser amount than the market value, especially since the prices are increasing.


Also, if there are times that you do not need to occupy your property, you may plan to rent it out to tenants. This way will give you additional income. The money you earn can be used to pay off your other bills, and you can also use this to reinvest in another property.

Lastly, more and more immigrants are entering the country. Statistics show that they are expected to account for 36 percent of the housing growth in the next ten years. Since there is a surge in the want to become homeowners, it is recommended to buy a property now and sell it at a higher price when the numbers are there.

With these in mind, we can genuinely say that buying a house is a good investment. So what are you waiting for? Ready your search engine and start getting those hot deals!

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