How To Use LinkedIn For Business Marketing


Marketing plays a massive role in growing businesses. You cannot put up a company and expect it to become well-known without getting the word out there about it. In this day and age, to be specific, you need to make use of social media channels to market your business.

LinkedIn is the right go-to platform when you feel tired of scanning through telephone directories or asking colleagues about firms that your company can convert into clients. To put it simply, it is an online hub for professionals. Through the website, you can connect and promote to people who specialize in different fields, as well as the institutions that they handle. 

If ever your minimal familiarity on how to use LinkedIn for marketing bothers you, check out these four points we have prepared below. 

1. Generate A Page For The Company


The first tip is to create a Company Page in which you will get to share the high points of your business. What some institutions do when filling the description box is copying the content from their existing site’s About page. Nevertheless, this social media channel does not prohibit you from making a fresh one just for LinkedIn. Aside from that, you can add information regarding the company address, skillset, professional photos, and website.

2. Produce A Group And Join Many Others

You should have at least a single LinkedIn Group to increase your influence on the platform. However, you should never forget to participate in various Groups whose administrators show interest in the topics that relate to your business goals. Doing so can boost the number of individuals you can discuss innovative ideas adequately.

3. Accept Or Invite People For More Connections

Once you have decided on expanding your network through LinkedIn, you cannot stay in the shadows and wait for professionals to establish a connection with you. It is probable that you already know some people you would like to link with, and so you may search for their names and send something like a “Friend Request” to them. Recall that the more people you can connect to, the better it will be for your business.

4. Update Posts Often


With over 467 million LinkedIn users out there, most of them are possibly spending at least an hour within the website or longer each day. Their goal is to either look for recruits or strengthen their connections. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to publish highly informational and entertaining posts regularly, not just on your Profile and Company Page(s) but also on the Groups that you have joined. This way, the other members will realize that your account is still in use and that any details they see there are up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

Creating a LinkedIn account is not a bad idea, primarily if you use social media every day anyway. You can think of it as the Facebook for professionals. Only, instead of posting your whacky photos there, it may be great to talk about the benefits that people can get when they do business with you.

Good luck!

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