Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tools

When you look up information about Pinterest online, most of them state that this new search engine (yes, it is not a social media channel!) keeps on proving its worth in the entrepreneurs’ eyes to the extent that it seems to surpass the fame of the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, since “no man is an island,” it is best to advertise your business with the help of these five Pinterest marketing tools.


#5: PinAlerts

To ease you in on the subject, why not get the PinAlerts app that notifies you whenever any of your posts gets pinned by others? The most straightforward instrument to back up your online campaigns, PinAlerts lets you decide how often you want to receive the notifications. Just ascertain that your photos are of high quality so that many will become enticed to share or like them.

#4: ViralTag


This application suits the people who are still figuring out what pictures the viewers will like using re-posting the ones already published from different websites. After registering to a ViralTag account, it will ask you to bookmark the app. Thus, when you are on an image site, you can click that bookmark for all the pictures to appear in a pop-up window and ease the publishing process for you. ViralTag can even help in organizing the posts real-time.

#3: Tailwind

The third item among the Pinterest marketing tools is Tailwind because of its utter dedication to the platform’s users. Once you access your Pinterest profile through a personal account in the application, it is not difficult to choose a Board, include a Description, schedule or immediately pin the post, and inspect how it perseveres in the digital world. The data reports for each Board are in table form as well; that’s why your mind will not get lost with the number you will see there.

#2: Buffer

One can say that Buffer is a more user-friendly version of Tailwind, for the reason that its concentration does not solely belong to Pinterest. In reality, the former allows you to publish a single post in different social media accounts. This feature ensures that your efforts in creating a beautiful image and description will stay noticed by a lot of individuals virtually connected to you. It also lets the entrepreneurs make several posts for the day or the week and select the time and date when Buffer should distribute them on your behalf.

#1: HootSuite


The best tool for Pinterest marketing will always be Hootsuite. Although the creators do not update it often, the app can do something that others cannot: work with various promotional apps. When you have the proper ad stuff from it, then you add more from ViralTag or Tailwind, for instance, managing your business on Pinterest becomes effortless.

Final Thoughts

How do you feel about making your business popular through a huge platform like Pinterest?

Sure, it is not as widely used as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You may hardly find millennials signing up for a Pinterest account either. But no one can deny the stable following that this social media channel gets.

Use the marketing tools above to promote your company on Pinterest now!




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