The Successful Transition Of Brian Bonar To The World Of Finance


The high amount of young adults graduating from universities each year can mean that the unemployment rate may go up. That is especially true if they try to search for a job in a similar field that they studied for a long time. This problem did not seem to affect Brian Bonar when he was still a fresh graduate, however. After all, he was able to settle in the engineering field and then move into the entrepreneurial world just fine.

Educational Training

Quite different from the CEOs that often get featured in glossy pages of magazines or television program, Bonar never trained scholastically for a career in business. Brian is an alumnus of James Watt Technology College in which he attained a Bachelor’s in Technical Engineering. The Master’s degree that he received from Stafford University, on the other hand, focused on Mechanical Engineering.

Work Background


Brian’s extensive knowledge regarding the field of engineering enabled him to obtain employment in various technological corporations within the country. In particular, Bonar served IBM as a procurement manager for over two decades, QMS as the Engineering Director by 1985, Rastek Corporation as the Sales and Marketing President come 1989, and Adapted as a Sales Manager in 1993. All the job posts he handled in the said companies allowed Brian to understand the skills of other professionals and widen his knowledge about the world of business.

His improved management capabilities gave him the will to launch Bezier Systems, a production company that manufactured printers they equipped with the SCSI program. Though the enterprise did not earn him great returns, Brian Bonar got to find new positions in diverse IT companies once more. After a few years, the incredible ethics and dedication he illustrated paid off, and he is now the head of Trucept, Incorporated and Dalrada Financial Services.

Business Specialty


Even though he only knew engineering in the earlier part of his life, Bonar later developed an unyielding interest in Sales and Marketing. The natural and highly advanced talent he had for building creative things during his collegiate days also gave Brian a chance to picture out a great entrepreneurial structure, as well as construct new ones that could bring further success to the companies. Because of such a pronounced intelligence in both business management and engineering, Brian Bonar has become one of the best individuals when it comes to mergers and acquisitions.

Current Leadership Roles

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for Dalrada Financial Services and Trucept, Incorporated. The former is a firm that offers affordable medical insurance and various economic solutions to different enterprises in the United States. The latter provides human resources and other management requirements of small and medium-sized firms.

What To Learn From Brian Bonar?

Brian serves as the perfect example of an individual who has not been limited by what people think he is only good at. He must be a smart engineer, but it does not mean that he cannot be great in business. 

If you want to break a status quo and enter the world of finance, too, you should gain some inspiration from Brian Bonar.


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