How Dr. Rick Shinto Has Come To Prominence In The Business World

Dr. Rick Shinto is a living proof that a disciple of science can also possess the leadership skills that are essential to keep businesses afloat. From 2012 up to this day, after all, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of InnovaCare Health Solutions, Inc. It is a medical insurance company that provides affordable schemes and other benefits for laborers throughout the United States.

Educational History


This medical professional attended several universities for each scholastic gradation he now has. For one, Dr. Shinto went to the University of California – Irvine to earn his Bachelor’s degree. Then, he proceeded to the State University of New York – Stony Brook to get a Doctorate in Medicine. Afterward, he joined the University of Redlands for his Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Work Background


InnovaCare Health is not the only institution that Dr. Rick Shinto has ever headed. Before making a name in the corporate world, he practiced his scientific profession in Southern California. He specialized in pulmonology and internal medicine. 

For a short period in his life, Dr. Shinto served as a Corporate Vice President of Medical Management in the MedPartners company. He then became the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Orange County’s Cal Optima Health. When he began working for Medical Pathways Management Company, he was also the Chief Operating Officer (COO) aside from being a CMO. 

After Dr. Rick resigned from the latter company, he got appointed as the Chief Medical Officer at the National Association of Music Merchants in California. The last role that he had taken on before all his efforts became focused on InnovaCare was as the CEO of Aveta, Inc., a healthcare management provider. The excellent leadership that Dr. Shinto demonstrated while still in this company became recognized by award-giving bodies. Thus, in 2012, he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Innovations Made With InnovaCare


Under the management of Dr. Rick Shinto, the institution has been subjected to a few changes that have significant impacts on the welfare of the business. The first of which was the decision to make their services more inclined towards the general populace.

Dr. Shinto’s administration has brought in three new members: Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino. The first-mentioned is known as the latest Chief Actuary Officer. He has created articles and performed a great job at processing diverse ways that will allow various employers to understand how to handle their guests.

Before Penelope was absorbed by InnovaCare, on the other hand, she was honing her skills at generating efficient clinical programs and procedures for no less than 20 years. As the newest Chief Administrative Officer, she has undoubtedly come with unique healthcare techniques that can satisfy the requirements of the consumers.

Furthermore, Mike Sartino is working as the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare. He has worked for some well-known companies before, such as Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co., HCC Specialty, and Touchstone Health, to name a few.

Do you think you have a knack for business? Do not let your status quo to prevent you from showing your entrepreneurial skills. Follow Dr. Rick Shinto’s footsteps and see yourself grow in the business world! 

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