Practicing Your Craft Amidst The Coronavirus Lockdown


At this time, businesses are slow. Why? It is because of COVID-19. We are all affected by it, health-wise and economically, as well. Nobody thought this kind of pandemic could invade the whole world and kill hundreds of thousands of people, but it did. We were all unprepared for this, but as resilient, intelligent, and skilled human beings, we learn to adjust and adapt. This is the reason why many stays at home moms and dads are earning even though there is a crisis.

The president is a businessman. He is an entrepreneur and a shark in his industry. He will not let people starve because of this lockdown and pandemic. As to how he will handle the lifting of this quarantine is beyond me. But my husband and I have embraced the new normal. We will do work from home, as people call it, and we have also decided that we will not let our kids go to school this year. We will homeschool them, or if their schools have online sessions, we will abide by it. I will not risk exposure to this deadly virus on my children.


We talked to them about it and told our children that it would be a hard year for all of us since our movements will be limited, but like us, our children understood the issues at hand. Our eldest even said, “It’s okay, mom. Better safe than sorry.” Our youngest just asked one thing, “Can we please have the best internet service?” We laughed as she said that, but she was right. In this time of the pandemic, our connection to the outside world is through the World Wide Web. We must have the best internet service provider in the city, more so now that we have shifted to our home-based work.

And speaking of home-based work, what is it that we have under our sleeves? Well, I am a Certified Aromatherapist and have been for the last three years. I took all the lessons of the Aromatherapy Certification Program, completed the case studies with flying colors, and passed the exams. Last year, I also took an interest in making skincare products since it was a “distant cousin” of aromatherapy. Some skincare products use oils, and well, I am the “oil woman,” as my husband calls me. My business now is conducting aromatherapy relaxation sessions online. And believe me, there are so many women (and some men) out there during this pandemic who book for my services. In some days, I am full of eight sessions straight (30-minute intervals). There are also days when I have two or three clients lined up, and I am not that hectic.


As for my husband, he is a real estate professional. And man, can he sell any property to you. The business was slow, but it did not stop him from pressing on. In the two months that we have been in lockdown, he sold a brokered a warehouse, three condo units, and two mid-end homes. He was the only broker in his firm to do that much online, and so, their CEO asked him to make a video for everyone else to learn from, detailing his techniques and strategies. Of course, he was paid to do that.

We are not entrepreneurs in that sense. We do not buy and sell, but we do practice our craft, and that is our income-earning skill. I am an aromatherapist, and he is a broker. We just do what we do best amidst the pandemic. When this thing started, we made a pact that our family will live through this productively and that we will not let the pandemic win against us. And I think we are doing great. I hope that you are in your element, at this time of COVID-19 pandemic, and living your life the way you want it.

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