A Family Online Business During The Pandemic

Many families nowadays have been turning to do online businesses instead of their regular jobs due to the pandemic. Since being out in public these days is considered as a risky act, venturing to online business can be a great help for families to be able to survive during this trying time.

Knowledge of online marketing can be a great advantage if you are venturing into online business. This is a marketing strategy done through the internet. There are lots of ways in which businesses can make use of online marketing strategies to promote and enhance their businesses.

How does online marketing differ from the traditional one?

One aspect that differs online marketing from traditional is the channel being used for marketing the products. Online marketing uses the web to market and promote the business. Another thing that differs would be the cost. Online marketing is a more affordable option compared to the traditional one. Regardless of the size of your business, one can have easy access to the internet and make use of it to explore the web and have your products being advertised online.

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Since people have been accessing social media platforms to watch entertaining shows or to get updates with anything that has been going on with the other parts of the world, why not also use these platforms for your business? There are lots of ways in which you can take advantage of the internet to help your family in this pandemic. And one platform that can be a very big help would be Facebook. Usually, people just create Facebook accounts to get updated with their acquaintances or other family members who are located in other parts of the world. This is where you can also post your whereabouts for the day, and people from your circle can also give reactions to those certain posts.

And this feature to post anything is a big advantage already. You and other family members can decide on what business you can venture that would be beneficial to you and to the people whom you are connected to online. Since it is hard to sell products and services personally nowadays, Facebook can be a great way to advertise your products or services. Instead of posting your daily whereabouts, you can post photos or advertising posts that promote any business that you have in mind.

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With these online platforms, you do not need to rent an actual space or establishment just to sell your products. With just a single post, you can already tell the world about the business that you are having. And the whole family can gladly take part in helping you promote the family business. Since teenagers nowadays are more adept at doing things online, they can surely help you in posting or in editing photos or videos to make your posts more attractive and engaging to the consumers.

You can explore Facebook’s different features and take advantage of it to promote your business. Aside from posting on your profile, you can actually make a Facebook page intended for your business. In this way, you will have a dedicated page just for your business only. You can set it to public and invite your friends to like and head over your page so they can check out what you are offering.

You can also post to buy and sell pages that only cater to posts regarding online businesses. You can also activate the “tag” feature and tag your friends whenever you post your product so that you can have a wide circle of prospective customers for your products because the tag feature allows the friends of your friends to view your post.

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But just like any other business, whether you are running it online or traditionally, you need to be careful from scammers or “joy reservers”. Since you are transacting business online, you may encounter fake profiles or customers whom you never knew before. And dealing with these people will just be your prerogative since we do not have specific laws yet with regards to online business. It’s better to transact first with people on your friends’ list or those who you know personally and make sure that you are communicating with the real account of the user. If possible, communicate with them using your mobile phone, so you would know if that person that you are messaging is the real one.

For this kind of business, especially if it’s for the whole family, one cannot afford to take too much risk. Unlike if you are running the business on your own, having a business that involves the whole family needs more careful planning and strategy. Especially during this pandemic, every cent being spent and earned counts. If everyone in the family is just cooperative and diligent with regards to promoting and advertising the business, it will surely thrive and prosper despite the challenging times that we are now facing.

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