Business With Family Can Boost Mental Health Issues


Mental health issues have become less and less of a taboo in our world today. More people are joining the discussions, and more people are educating themselves on this social issue. There have also been more and more studies published about the issue, and through this, we learn a lot more about a topic that once was a shame.

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How Small Businesses Can Reduce Losses During A Pandemic

The year 2020 does not seem to be lucky for businesses. As early as January, after all, the news about a new coronavirus broke out. In March, tens of thousands of individuals in different countries tested positive for or, worse, died due to COVID-19.

The rapid spreading of the virus has alarmed everyone, to the extent that borders have been locked down. No one can enter some countries, regardless if you are a resident or have a valid visa. In case you are already home, you need to stay at home as much as possible to prevent catching the coronavirus. The governments have made sure of the latter by asking companies to close their stores and operate remotely.


Although the efforts to save everyone from COVID-19 is practical, it doesn’t change the fact that businesses suffer because of it. Large companies like Starbucks are closing a significant number of branches; others have already filed for bankruptcy. And if they cannot survive during a pandemic, how much more do you think it affects small businesses?

I talked to a friend not too long ago about it. She opened a pastry shop before the lockdown, you see. Although pastries are a hot commodity, the folks in town have been too afraid of the coronavirus to buy baked goods. She would have gone bankrupt if she did not try the following things (which you could also do to reduce your losses):


Sell Online

The first thing you can do is start selling online. This suggestion applies to any business that offers different products to consumers. Some can open an Amazon account; others revamp their websites and turn them into marketplaces. 

Online selling gives you the best chance to keep the business going even in the middle of a global health crisis. As implied above, people prefer buying stuff virtually instead of getting them in person. If you can offer home delivery services, that will be much better for your sales.


Strategize With Your Products

The lockdown entails that nothing and no one can come in a country. If you have ordered overseas items, you may be able to get them once the borders reopen. 

In that case, you need to plan what you are going to do with your products. Say, when you sell non-perishable goods, promote the things that you already have. If your items are perishable (e.g., pastries, fruits, vegetables, etc.), you should sell the first ones that will go bad soon. This way, your customers can still consume them, and you won’t lose money.

Let Go Of Some Employees

I left this tip at the bottom, hoping that your scheme might succeed by doing the first three things above. However, if they are still not working, and you keep on losing money, you may have no choice but to let go of some employees.


Although it seems sad—borderline inhumane during a pandemic—the reality is that that’s the only way to avoid losing more money than you already have. After all, the more people you have on payroll, the more you need to spend monthly. Still, you may rehire them when the business starts to thrive again.

Final Thoughts

Businesses, big or small, may never be safe from losses until the pandemic ends. At the same time, I know it may be stressful to follow any of the recommendations mentioned above, primarily if you are used to the conventional business scheme. However, who knows when this crisis will ever go away? 

Since we do not see it happening anytime soon, all we can do is try to reduce our losses as much as possible.

Good luck!

Practicing Your Craft Amidst The Coronavirus Lockdown


At this time, businesses are slow. Why? It is because of COVID-19. We are all affected by it, health-wise and economically, as well. Nobody thought this kind of pandemic could invade the whole world and kill hundreds of thousands of people, but it did. We were all unprepared for this, but as resilient, intelligent, and skilled human beings, we learn to adjust and adapt. This is the reason why many stays at home moms and dads are earning even though there is a crisis.

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Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Tools

When you look up information about Pinterest online, most of them state that this new search engine (yes, it is not a social media channel!) keeps on proving its worth in the entrepreneurs’ eyes to the extent that it seems to surpass the fame of the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, since “no man is an island,” it is best to advertise your business with the help of these five Pinterest marketing tools.


#5: PinAlerts

To ease you in on the subject, why not get the PinAlerts app that notifies you whenever any of your posts gets pinned by others? The most straightforward instrument to back up your online campaigns, PinAlerts lets you decide how often you want to receive the notifications. Just ascertain that your photos are of high quality so that many will become enticed to share or like them.

#4: ViralTag


This application suits the people who are still figuring out what pictures the viewers will like using re-posting the ones already published from different websites. After registering to a ViralTag account, it will ask you to bookmark the app. Thus, when you are on an image site, you can click that bookmark for all the pictures to appear in a pop-up window and ease the publishing process for you. ViralTag can even help in organizing the posts real-time.

#3: Tailwind

The third item among the Pinterest marketing tools is Tailwind because of its utter dedication to the platform’s users. Once you access your Pinterest profile through a personal account in the application, it is not difficult to choose a Board, include a Description, schedule or immediately pin the post, and inspect how it perseveres in the digital world. The data reports for each Board are in table form as well; that’s why your mind will not get lost with the number you will see there.

#2: Buffer

One can say that Buffer is a more user-friendly version of Tailwind, for the reason that its concentration does not solely belong to Pinterest. In reality, the former allows you to publish a single post in different social media accounts. This feature ensures that your efforts in creating a beautiful image and description will stay noticed by a lot of individuals virtually connected to you. It also lets the entrepreneurs make several posts for the day or the week and select the time and date when Buffer should distribute them on your behalf.

#1: HootSuite


The best tool for Pinterest marketing will always be Hootsuite. Although the creators do not update it often, the app can do something that others cannot: work with various promotional apps. When you have the proper ad stuff from it, then you add more from ViralTag or Tailwind, for instance, managing your business on Pinterest becomes effortless.

Final Thoughts

How do you feel about making your business popular through a huge platform like Pinterest?

Sure, it is not as widely used as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You may hardly find millennials signing up for a Pinterest account either. But no one can deny the stable following that this social media channel gets.

Use the marketing tools above to promote your company on Pinterest now!




How To Use LinkedIn For Business Marketing


Marketing plays a massive role in growing businesses. You cannot put up a company and expect it to become well-known without getting the word out there about it. In this day and age, to be specific, you need to make use of social media channels to market your business.

LinkedIn is the right go-to platform when you feel tired of scanning through telephone directories or asking colleagues about firms that your company can convert into clients. To put it simply, it is an online hub for professionals. Through the website, you can connect and promote to people who specialize in different fields, as well as the institutions that they handle. 

If ever your minimal familiarity on how to use LinkedIn for marketing bothers you, check out these four points we have prepared below. 

1. Generate A Page For The Company


The first tip is to create a Company Page in which you will get to share the high points of your business. What some institutions do when filling the description box is copying the content from their existing site’s About page. Nevertheless, this social media channel does not prohibit you from making a fresh one just for LinkedIn. Aside from that, you can add information regarding the company address, skillset, professional photos, and website.

2. Produce A Group And Join Many Others

You should have at least a single LinkedIn Group to increase your influence on the platform. However, you should never forget to participate in various Groups whose administrators show interest in the topics that relate to your business goals. Doing so can boost the number of individuals you can discuss innovative ideas adequately.

3. Accept Or Invite People For More Connections

Once you have decided on expanding your network through LinkedIn, you cannot stay in the shadows and wait for professionals to establish a connection with you. It is probable that you already know some people you would like to link with, and so you may search for their names and send something like a “Friend Request” to them. Recall that the more people you can connect to, the better it will be for your business.

4. Update Posts Often


With over 467 million LinkedIn users out there, most of them are possibly spending at least an hour within the website or longer each day. Their goal is to either look for recruits or strengthen their connections. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to publish highly informational and entertaining posts regularly, not just on your Profile and Company Page(s) but also on the Groups that you have joined. This way, the other members will realize that your account is still in use and that any details they see there are up-to-date.

Final Thoughts

Creating a LinkedIn account is not a bad idea, primarily if you use social media every day anyway. You can think of it as the Facebook for professionals. Only, instead of posting your whacky photos there, it may be great to talk about the benefits that people can get when they do business with you.

Good luck!

I Didn’t Need A Therapist To Become A Successful Businesswoman


My husband left me for a younger woman. It seems to be a norm these days with middle-aged men. All of the women in the PTA are divorced, and all our husbands have some honey who has a 26-inch waistline. My therapist even told me that we had to work extra days so that I can cope, but no. A twist of fate led me to a successful life, not just financial. It was a total recovery of self.

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The “Basics” Of Investing In Real Estate

Investing your hard-earned money can be a struggle, most especially if you do not have an idea about growing money. Essentially, the purpose of investment in putting it in a platform that can earn more which will give you an opportunity to receive profits or shares in gains in the future. You cannot randomly select a firm and decide outright that you want to put all your money to the said institution. This is the number one rule when it comes to putting your money in the real estate industry.


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How To Grow Your Money In Real Estate Business

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to investing in the real estate market. Take note that you cannot expect higher returns on investments without taking higher risks. According to experts, there is a direct proportional relationship between the two. The more risks you make, the higher possibility you have to earn more from your investments. Understanding the matrix is not sufficient, you must also familiarize yourself with the different kinds of real estate investments:


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Why Investing In Real Estate Matters

Many people are now looking for platforms where they can invest their hard-earned money. The good news is that a large number of the population consists of individuals who want to grow their money. These are the type of persons who are starting to save big in the present so that they can have more sources of income in the future. Most of them are looking forward to earning passive income, which does not require many efforts on their part.


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