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Tuna Season


Dundee International has been an active participant in the procurement of Blue Fin tuna on a global scale. Some of the source countries for wild Blue Fin tuna include, but are not limited to: Italy, Canada, U.S.A., and Croatia. As demand has increased for Sushi-grade Blue Fin tuna, Dundee as a partner has become extensively involved over the past few years with a multi-national concern farming Blue Fin tuna in Croatia. This has afforded the companies opportunity to increase their markets both in Japan and here in the United States.

Dundee’s¬†knowledge regarding technical skills for grading, handling and marketing has positioned us advantageously to get the best possible return for our fishermen. Through our well laid out marketing channels in Japan, we can command proper market timing and placement, resulting in very positive prices. If Japanese markets do not have a need for all our products, we also have a burgeoning Sushi-grade clientele domestically. Our experienced sales force at our Gloucester facility has in the past shown that they can obtain the highest possible return for our fishermen’s less than Sushi-grade tuna (low fat, red meat). Since we are the processors, we eliminate the middleman returning our fishermen the extra, which can make the difference.

As a result of our ongoing relationship with all area fishermen, we are always there to offer you the best possible marketing solutions for your tuna. We will be based in the Green Harbor Marina Facility to meet your needs; whether it is ice and bait or technical advice on how we can best market your tuna. For those landing their tuna in Gloucester, our Gloucester staff will offer ice and bait as well as fuel services to get you back out on the water as quickly as possible. We will receive your fish in a timely manner – grading, cleaning and chilling it in our circulating slush tanks, ensuring that your tuna is the highest quality fish hitting the auction block in Japan. This in itself keeps us one step ahead of the competition. We also have our own transportation vehicles stationed at Green harbor. This will ensure that no delays are incurred waiting for your tuna to arrive at Logan Airport for a flight to Japan or delivery to our Gloucester facility.

We bring to you our vast experience through our on site American and Japanese technicians, handlers, forwarders and markets believing we can make the difference in your success this tuna season.

We look forward to doing business with the fishing community in Green Harbor on a continuing professional basis.